Trending summer Indian wedding outfits of guest in 2022

summer outfit for wedding

Choosing wedding outfits for the guests is the most exciting part of a wedding. In India, weddings are all about dresses, fun, and laughter. Everyone likes to celebrate, dance, and get together on this day.

A wedding is a two-three day event. Therefore, everyone has a fun day by taking pictures, posing, and pouting. And with the gathering comes the wedding outfits of both men and women.

So we have Mens Jodhpuri suits, formal Jodhpuri suits and many more. While for women, we have the best wedding lehenga designs, crop top lehenga, royal chiffon sarees and many more.

You can dress in Indian attire at a wedding, but here comes the most challenging thing for a wedding.!

Which outfit do you wear as an Indian wedding guest? 

Indian attire is lovely; you'll have numerous options in Indian dresses. They are not very shimmery, but they have a wide range of dresses of different fabrics, colors, and cultures.

However, wearing heavy and synthetic things can make things very uncomfortable if summer weddings are there. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear something serious in summer and too thin in winter.

If you don't wear proper clothes, you won't be able to interact with people, enjoy food, look bad and most importantly cannot enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

In an Indian wedding, what do guests wear?

There is almost anything from light shades to pastel shades at Hindu weddings, but it is traditional for brides to wear red or sometimes pink or purple hues.

The most common clothing choice for women is a Saree, which usually consists of a long piece of fabric (often silk) that wraps around the body from shoulder to foot and exposes some material.

Saree is trendy, but keep in mind that it's not always easy to drape six yards of fabric around your body if you're new to it.

However, the lehenga is a colorfully decorated three-piece outfit consisting of a high-waisted skirt, a short blouse (called a choli), and a convenient shawl (called a dupatta you'll get the best wedding lehenga designs online.

What colors should you wear at an Indian wedding?

To avoid the possibility of stealing the spotlight, if you plan to wear clothes in these shades, make sure the bride is wearing red, pink, or purple. 

The shades you keep away from weddings are anything other than black and white. Black color has traditionally been avoided in Indian weddings, as it is generally considered unlucky, especially in Hindu rituals.

White color is also not traditionally worn at weddings as it can be fat l. However, Hindu mourners usually wear white at funerals. If a Western ritual is also included on the wedding day, the bride is likely to wear white at some point, so it is safer to go off white and wear more colors for various reasons.

Jewelry gives the final touch to an Indian wedding outfit.

Most wedding dresses in India come with statement jewelry. If you skip jewelry or accessories altogether, you are considered not completely dressed. Like make-up, it allows you to express your style and complement your outfit.

Most women wear at least one pair of stacked bracelets with earrings, necklaces, and perhaps headdresses such as mang tika. It consists of round jewelry worn on the forehead and fastened to the hair with a chain. Remember, women's weddings usually wear Maang Tikka, which is more luxurious than the bride, and jewelry does not have to be expensive. 

Indian guests wedding outfit for women let's check out some of the Indian wedding outfits for guests:

Kanjeevaram Saree

Brilliant colors, royal edging, and rich silk give Kanjeevaram sarees a gorgeous au a. Kanjeevaram is a traditional bridal sari adapted for special occasions across the country; these are adjusted for special events across the country and originate from Tamil Nadu.

Saree woven from pure mulberry silk thread, this area has elegance and gracefulness. Saree has a distinctive gold tint to improve its appearance, e. Kanjeevaram also designs religious motifs inspired by temples and mythological tales.

The pallu of a Kanjeevaram saree is usually a contrasting color adding more flavor to the formation of the drape.

This saree is generally coupled with gold jewelry to compliment the regal look of Kanjeevaram.

Kantha Saree

Kantha is well known for embroidery in various parts of West Bengal and Orissa. Before art became an established embroidery style, women usually patched their garments with brightly coloured edging fabrics.

They are simple patchwork patterns but in bright colors, mostly cotton fabric. Dyed in natural colors and embroidered with local symbols on the ground, it is the perfect blend of fabric prints and patchwork.

Nauvari Saree

Nauvari is a traditional Indian saree that originated from the West Coast. The name of this saree comes from the length of the saree, which is 9 meters long.

The Nauvari has a unique drape style called "he ''Kashta style, saree's borders hidden behind Nauvari Saree is a symbol of courage. The drape style comes from a Maratha warrior woman wearing a Douty-style sari who can easily fight on horseback.

Over time, you can style Nauvari sarees for celebrations such as weddings. The bride looks stunning with a bright Nauvari saree, and a shawl called Shera hung on her arm. Nauvari is one of many kinds of saree in India.

Its unique style makes it recognizable from a distance. Moreover, this saree is usually styled with traditional gold gems and eggplants that give the saree a unique charm. You can keep a hairstyle like the top bun decorated with gajra and flowers with this clothing.

Bandhani Saree

Gujarat will give you a saree of the famous tie-dye bandhani print. The Bandhani Sarees come in various colors and patterns but have ancient beliefs. It brings good luck and a future to the bride. Making Bandhani Saree is a complex process that involves hand dyeing. 

Moreover, Bandhani is a delicious ethnic-style saree that evokes a magnificent image of Gujarat and Rajasthan culture. A very delicate material, Bandhani Saree, is carefully stored. You can wear Bandhani Saree with oxidized silver jewelry to make it look beautiful and add a Potri bag for extra charm.

Kota Doria

Kota Doria saree, a unique combination of cotton and silk, basically originated from the education city Kota, Rajasthan.

The "Kota Doria" saree features a unique plain print; it is also light and thin as a thin muslin. Furthermore, this delicate fabric is influenced by the Rajasthan royal family, which is reflected in the shades of white and beige. The same saree also has a piece of a golden decoration in it.

Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari originated from the word "kalam" or pen. This Kalamkari saree is traditionally topped with tamarind sticks. The fabric used is cotton or silk, and artisans use natural dyes to paint mythical scenes.

Making a handmade saree requires grueling working hours to make it satisfactory. Since the Mughal era, this art has blossomed in several parts of Andhra Prade h. They are generally available in pastoral colors.


Leheriya Sarees are the beauty of the classic tie-dye beauties, and they also originated from the heart of Rajasthan. The name comes from a Leher or wave pattern designed in this vibrant, colorful saree.

Moreover, this saree was printed on cotton or silk fabric, and Saree has already made a niche in Modern-day fashion.

Hence, it is appropriate for casual days in bright and light colors; you'll get more fancy party wear sarees online.

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees are among the most popular for the different types of sarees from other states. These silk saree in Varanasi are known for their patterns and motifs.

Originally, Banarasi Saree was made exclusively for the king and real woven gold and silver thread. However, because they have gold and silver work on it, which is fantastic, these sarees are afforded only by the Royal families.

Many variations of Banarasi Saree come up as some of the best designers printed sarees in India. However, their elegance has not yet been a lot. Nevertheless, many Bollywood actresses wear Varanasi saree on important occasions because they are handcrafted and have embellished work.

Lucknowi or Chikankari Saree

A sophisticated fabric, Chikankari, is sewn from Nawabs, Lucknow. 

Chikankari sarees are very simple and gorgeous as they have more delicate designs on them crafted by the artists. Moreover, these sarees have embroidery on them in muted colors, and you can wear them at any time and on any occasion.

Therefore, trust the elegance of Chikankari and grab all peoples' attention. Chikankari saree's work pervades motifs similar to Persian handicraftsman and is one of the best designer printed sarees online available on Suvidha.

Chanderi Saree

This saree has a perfect glimmer or shine, which is lovely; it originated from Madhya Pradesh. Silk and Zari are woven from cotton; therefore, they are air-light in weight. Chanderi saree will give you a luxurious feel and is appropriate for parties and celebrations or weddings.

There are such a variety of sarees available in the market, out of which the Chanderi saree shine or glow will not get diminished for an extended period. Moreover, it is a handloom weave saree giving gorgeous texture; therefore, it will steal audiences' attention at the wedding.

You can wear these fancy party wear sarees online with stylish blouses, shirts and jackets decorated with belts, gloves, boots and statements. Over 100 traditional designer printed saree online that you can drape, including Athpoure style, Nauvari style, and Gujarati drape.

In addition, there is an increasing number of contemporary and innovative techniques such as half-saree, crop top lehenga, fancy party wear saree online, royal chiffon sarees, and many more.

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