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Banarasi Shalu Saree online

"Banarasi Shalu saree for the wedding is a silk saree from Banaras or Varanasi, India. This saree is the most popular in traditional Indian attire; however, it is not as famous as Paithani sarees.

In Maharastra, mainly Banarasi Shalu, sarees are worn by brides. However, you can check our variety of Bnarasi Shalu sarees on the Suvidha Fashion website.
The Banarasi Shalu sarees for marriage originated from the Uttar Pradesh city Varanasi.

Banarasi Shalu sarees online are also called fine variants of Banarasi silk. You will see these sarees in a single base color. However, most importantly, these sarees ' borders and pallus are of contrasting colors. Hence, the most famous combination one will get in these Banarasi Shalu sarees.

Identification of Banarasi Shalu sarees

Banarasi Shalu sarees are made using golden zari threads with high-quality grade silk fabrics. Therefore, these sarees are known for their artistic radiance. Shalu sarees for marriage are mainly considered as the queen of Indian sarees. It is a unique amalgamation of Persian and Indian styles.

Therefore, to make it different from the other sarees, they are embellished with small butties and designs across the whole length of the saree. Moreover, these designs have leaf-like or floral designs on them. But, on the other hand, it also has exquisite embroidery work and detailed zari work, making it identified among the other sarees. Therefore, the design of the Banarasi Shalu sarees for brides differs from saree to saree, thus making the appearance of it look magnificent.

The best part about the Banarasi Shalu sarees online is that you can wear them at any function or occasion. Thus, making these sarees expensive. To highlight this, craftsmen take so many days to weave these beautiful Bnarasi Shalu sarees at a good price. This Banarasi silk saree can magnify your appearance without much effort. In addition, you can wear it on any festive or traditional occasion.

At Suvidha Fashion, you can buy Banarasi Shalu sarees online at an affordable price."