Bridal Saree Or Wedding Lehenga: What is the Best for Bride?

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The wedding day! It is the day when you think about everything. As a bride, your clothing can be the real thing you need to look into. You must have this question in your mind, bridal saree or wedding lehenga?

This confusion can take up all your time. From picking the right silk sarees to why that specific outfit is right for you, we have the answers ready for you.

You just need to read the below-given article & you'll get a choice of what to wear on your special day.

When Should You Wear Sarees?

A wedding saree for women, a traditional silhouette, is a versatile dress that looks lovely and may help any woman fall in love with her own body.

When it comes to weddings, this type of clothing is ideal for so many reasons. That it simply makes sense to consider it for your wedding. There are many advantages to wearing this clothing.

Pros of Sarees

 ·  Versatility

The saree is a versatile garment that will look wonderful on women of  different body types, as well as those who are tall or short!

 ·  Useful for Post-Wedding days

Your bridal saree online will come in handy for different wedding activities throughout your post-wedding days.
When it comes to wearing a saree, you have a plethora of hairstyle options to select from.

 ·  Goes good with jewelry

If you're intending on wearing a lot of bridal jewelry, a saree is a great choice because the two will complement one another.

 ·  Cost-effective

Sarees are extremely affordable. Designer sarees start at about ten thousand rupees!

When Should You Wear Lehengas?

A bridal lehenga is a timeless silhouette that can be worn to almost any occasion and at any time of day. You may easily achieve your chosen style with a lehenga, whether you want a dressier or more understated look for your wedding day.

However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to wearing this attire on your wedding day, and we've listed them all for you!

Pros of Lehengas

 ·   Add more glamour

If you want to go for a traditional style on your wedding day, a bridal lehenga is a way to go.

 ·  Good for D-day

You can wear this lovely bridal lehenga for the D-day if you want to look great and dressed up for the big day.

 ·  Comfortable to wear

The wedding lehenga is light and easy to carry, allowing you to move freely in this silhouette.

 ·  Top the trends

If you believe that #TwinningIsWinning, a lehenga is a way to go because you'll have many design options to match with your soon-to-be husband.

 · Outstanding look

A lehenga will look stunning and graceful on you, regardless of your body type.

What's The Difference Between Bridal Sarees & Wedding Lehengas?

Saree & Lehenga: Physical difference

Lehengas are stitched skirts that cover the bottom half of the body while leaving the waist and midriff exposed. To conceal the exposed areas and complete our look, we wear a matching blouse and dupatta.

You must, however, drape a saree over your body in a bodycon style. It slightly exposes the waist and belly, considering the design of the blouse to conceal the necessities.

Saree & Lehenga: Size

The length of a lehenga is determined by the wearer's height. However, the dupatta's size is set and usually equals 2.5 yards.

A saree is a considerably longer garment that stays the same size. A 5.5-meter saree can be found almost anywhere on the planet.

Saree and Lehenga: Shapes

A saree settles on the draper's feminine curves, giving her a bodycon aspect. A lehenga, on the other hand, is usually A-cut, with certain exceptions having a mermaid shape.

Modern designers are constantly experimenting with the two outfits, so unexpected changes in their designs are inevitable.

Saree and Lehenga: Wearing Ease

Lehengas are easy to wear and look like skirts. Lehengas are controllable and well-carried in any situation because they are stitched garments.

However, before you can wear a saree correctly, you must first learn how to wear one. Because sarees are unstitched, they rely solely on pinning. You might find it challenging to carry a saree at first.


We’ve seen this subject asked countless times in forums and blogs, and I've discovered that ladies are confused between wearing lehengas and sarees to weddings. Let me be clear: both of these wear are ethereal, and you may wear either of them to a wedding.

Do you have any questions about your wedding clothing? Let's simplify everything.  A bride from northern India might wear a lehenga and feel connected to her culture. If you are from South India or West Bengal, however, you can wear a saree to your wedding.

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