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Bridal Red Saree with Cut Borders and Matte Gold Thread Work

Bridal Red Saree with Cut Borders and Matte Gold Thread Work

Rs. 14,195.00
Title: Bridal Red Saree with Cut Borders and Matte Gold Thread WorkDescription: Indulge in the epitome of bridal opulence with our Bridal Red Saree, adorned with Cut Borders and Matte Gold Thread...
Maroon Banarasi Handloom Silk Saree

Maroon Banarasi Handloom Silk Saree

Rs. 18,375.00
Key Components: Saree's length is 5.5 meters.  Silk fabric for blouse, length is 1 meter.  Perfect saree for Cocktail Parties, and engagement parties.  Fabric: Banarasi Silk Color: Maroon Care: Dry Clean Only

Why do you need to choose bridal sarees?

Have you finally decided to marry the love of your life? This is the day that every woman fantasizes about. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that places you in the spotlight. As a result, the attire you pick for your big day should be excellent both in terms of appearance and in terms of how it makes you feel.

Though the majority of brides choose different dresses for their weddings, others are undecided between a saree and a Lehenga. Although both garments are meant to be worn on such important occasions, the saree is a better choice for your wedding than the Lehenga. We'll prove that by providing you with plenty of reasons to prefer a saree over a lehenga. 

  • Sarees may be draped in a variety of ways.

Saris are highly adaptable and may be draped and fastened in a variety of ways. Every state has its unique manner of draping a saree, and you may modify your look by experimenting with different ways to drape your saree.

When it comes to draping techniques, bridal sarees in India are not restricted. You may wear the saree in a variety of ways to suit your preferences and look great at your wedding. Though a lehenga has a dupatta drape, an Indian bridal saree allows you to be more creative with the draping method.

To finish your look, you might experiment with different materials and blouse patterns. Over your wedding saree, feel free to wear a dupatta.

  • Traditional jewelry has been added.

During the wedding, most moms hand down traditional jewelry to their daughters. You should be able to wear these items with your wedding gown since they have emotional importance. Wedding sarees, unlike lehengas, allow you to accessorize with antique jewelry on your wedding day.

Traditional jewelry is difficult to wear with bridal lehengas since they have other prominent characteristics such as a dupatta, lehenga skirt, or even a blouse. On a lehenga, wearing traditional jewelry gives the sense of overdoing your style. Indian Wedding sarees are designed by several businesses and allow for traditional jewelry to be worn.

  • Silk is making a return, and it's a good one.

In the fashion business, silk has made a comeback. It's one of the most enticing materials for making glitzy sarees with a variety of embroidery. Silk is the most common and traditional fabric found in the wedding saree collection. It has a beautiful appearance and feels and is comfy, soft, and lightweight. Bridal Silk sarees are often chosen by brides for their weddings since the fabric represents monarchy and sophistication.

Silk sarees shake up the monotony of attending weddings in a traditional Lehenga. Assamese brides are noted for wearing white silk sarees with crimson borders in India.

  • Highlights the Curves

The saree is usually wrapped around the waist and thrown over one shoulder. It slims, lengthens, and enhances the body's general profile, making the wearer appear exquisite.

A saree makes the most of it by accentuating the physique and providing a glimpse of beauty. 

  • Experiment with the blouse.

The blouse on a saree is very significant to the overall look of the saree. A blouse is the simplest method to change the appearance of a saree depending on the occasion. Thanks to Bollywood celebrities, saree wearing has become a thrilling experience.

Plus, our brilliant designers have re-worked and re-invented to create amazing blouse patterns that may give a plain saree an ethnic makeover while maintaining fundamental elegance.

For more experimentation, you might want to check out the designer bridal saree online.

  • When compared to wedding lehengas, wedding sarees may be reused.

Your super-expensive bridal lehenga is carefully packaged inside a large box or stored in a secure trunk after your wedding.

Chances are that your bridal lehengas have been locked in your closet since your marriage, but a saree is something you can modify its style to suit your needs, and you can also wear them frequently.

Bridal lehengas are heavily embroidered gowns that are difficult to repurpose since they will appear overdone for a party, however, designer bridal sarees may be readily repurposed with a different top and draping technique. This makes the bridal sarees collection, the most preferred one.

Some thoughts

For a big event, most soon-to-be brides are torn between a lehenga and a saree. Though both are elegant, bridal sarees are preferable to lehengas because they are more fashionable, original, adaptable, and reusable. You may make your wedding beautiful by dressing up in a saree that flatters your figure.



Frequently Asked Question

The normal price of bridal sarees is starting from Rs. 600 INR. However, it can go upto lakhs & even more based on the quality of the fabric & work on saree. The bridal edition of traditional saree costs between Rs. 50,000 to 200,000 INR. There are attractive discounts in a few stores of sarees. Make sure about covering all the aspects while buying wedding sarees. Because only saree will not work, jewellery & makeup needs to be there.

Choosing color for your wedding look is important. For a bride, red is the best colour. There are other options like hot pink, orange, or burgundy. If you’re thinking of looking out of the box in your wedding, you can try grey with blue, turquoise, black combination bridal silk saree, another good look can be with emerald and ivory. A bride can pick a colour that reflects your culture.

You can never go wrong with a silk saree for your wedding day. The best place from where you can buy your wedding sarees is from Suvidha fashion sarees. Browse the options as much as you want on the online bridal website. Suvidha fashion is the best among them to get the bridal collection in budget. Suvidha Fashion store or Suvidha online store can be the best option for you. There you can find the varieties of bridal saree collection. 1000+ patterns, & tons of designs- only at suvidha fashion store.

Choosing a bridal saree in India can be tough, but not now. There are many options to wear for bridal such as Chanderi silk sarees, mysore silk sarees, paithani silk sarees, patola silk sarees, or banarasi silk sarees. These silk sarees for marriage are good enough to be worn on your shaadi itself or even when after your marriage you are in need of something extraordinary. To get something new at an affordable price- you must visit suvidha fashion store or their online fashion store to pick the best sarees for your bridal look.