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Pashmina Saree gives Indian modern touch

Story of pashmina sarees

Pashmina saree is one of the best quality fleeces accessible on Earth, and it is the most refined adaptation of cashmere. The measurement of the Pashmina strands is between 12 and 15 microns, while cashmere fleece likewise incorporates a width between 16 and 19 microns.

The way that Pashmina fleece is obtained during a time of the year from Pashmina goats (Chagra), who just produce between 80-170 grams each year, this fleece is hard to track down.

 The fleece is just collected throughout the late spring by brushing the Pashmina silk saree to assemble the more extended and milder hair, the best found on the lower part of the neck and the gut. These filaments are washed and arranged and afterward at long last directed to Srinagar in the Kashmir valley, the main locale on the planet to dominate the fragile specialty of winding around Pashmina.

Pashmina Styles/Designs

Aside from plain strong and surface weaves Pashmina likewise accompanies hand weaved and woven plans for individuals who love to style and design cognizant, to add a hypnotizing appeal to their outfit.

  • Kani: A Pashmina wrap with a luxuriously woven plan
  • Papier-Mâche: Papier-mâché style is an ornamental weaving - wealthy in variety
  • Sozni: An extremely perplexing weaving with fine join - made in

single/corresponding color(s) with a radiant impact

  • Kalamkari: A Pashmina wrap with s hand-painted plan which is further

highlighted with complicated hand-weaving - making every one of these pieces an unadulterated masterpiece.

Why Pashminas Saree?

It's the way Pashmina looks and feels, yet there are 1,000 motivations behind why Pashmina is a colder time of year. The following are a couple of them:


If glow is all you really want this cold season, it's time you pick a Pashmina wrap when Fall shows up. Pashmina has wonderful protection properties which forestall cold to contact your skin, as well as trap heat inside. Thus, Pashmina wraps and scarves are great for the abrupt temperature decrease, as well as the undeniable winter season.


To the extent that being polished goes, Pashmina wrap and scarves won't ever dishearten you. Be it the bunches of varieties in strong pashmina wraps, the creature prints and striped designs, hand weaving pieces, or extravagant Kani cloaks, Pashmina is essentially immortal and exquisite.

As well as being flexible, there are so many ways you can style a Pashmina wrap, which adds to its style remainder.


Kashmiri pashmina saree is maybe the most adaptable wrap frill with regard to winter style. You can have Pashmina cloaks in casual, semi-formal, relaxed, styles.

There are Pashmina cloaks for weddings, forgiving, for bridesmaids, which are typically weaved ones or Kani wraps. For a relaxed social gathering, prints, designs, and ombre concealed Pashmina wraps look astonishing. Formal events request moderation, and henceforth pastel-concealed solids or stripes and checks look elegant.


Whenever taken into appropriate consideration, a Pashmina cloak will keep going for a very long time. It is accepted that ladies in Kashmir would get their moms' wraps as wedding gifts. These wraps would be in some cases 30 years of age and would ooze a one-of-a-kind style.

Pashmina wraps need to be hand-washed with gentle shampoos and air-dried normally. These need legitimate spotless and dry capacity and must be avoided. This way Pashminas keep going for a long time together.

Various kinds of Pashmina

The Pashmina silk sarees are accessible in various assortments beginning from fine to fine based on how totally this saree is woven. Plus, the nature of this saree additionally contrasts with the premise of the artfulness of the goat hairs that are accessible on various levels of the Himalayan reaches.

For instance, the Nepal Pashmina hair or fiber is considered the best quality fleece while the Ladakhi fiber is in second place regarding quality.

The Pashmina silk saree made with the really fine quality fleece is a selective weave, which is exceptionally delicate and smooth and can likewise pass the "ring test".

Being extremely costly and looking for the winding around quality, the best quality Pashmina silk sarees are notable for the vibe and furthermore for spreading warmth. The nature of fleece utilized makes the Pashmina silk sarees a superb blend of solidarity and agility.

The uniqueness of pashmina

The Pashmina silk sarees are known for the Kashida of Kashmir weaving, which utilizes beautiful and splendid plans with the themes like paisley, chinar leaves, botanical boundaries, and numerous other moving settings of Mother Nature.

The tones and examples chosen for this saree orchestrate nature a ton and subsequently the appeal and polish of the saree wearer are uplifted.

The Pashmina printed sarees are accessible in various it is truly enrapturing and intriguing to satisfy forms. Extravagant prints of gold, batik, and square with flower designs are the most recent pattern of these sarees making these exceptionally appropriate for various social trips, social projects, and gatherings.

Then again, the heavier adaptation of Pashmina silk incorporates unadulterated silk strings and the texture of these sarees is basically embellished with Ari or Zardosi weaving. This sort of Pashmina silk saree is exceptionally pursued events like marriage events, unique capacities, or Indian weddings.

Where to purchase great quality pashmina?

Pashmina-the pride of Kashmir. You can figure out the best quality pashmina saree in our assortment. Wide scope of plans and examples to browse. You can purchase a pashmina saree online to get quick home conveyance with a reasonable cost range.