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Ilkal Saree Online

"IIkal sarees are named after the town in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. This town is mainly popular for its weaving centers from the 8th century AD. It has an important contribution to the crafting history of India. However, one of the most captivating details of the IIkal saree is the consolidation of the pattern of the saree with its pallu with a method known as Tope Teni.

Traditional IIkal Saree is made up of pure cotton, and the pallus and border are made up of silk. Also, the IIkal sarees have now been recognized as a Geographical Indication. You can buy IIkal sarees online at Suvidha Fashion.

An IIkal saree online is a unique drape and valuables for your wardrobe. In the Southside IIkal, sarees are mostly worn by women. And as these sarees are made up of pure cotton, therefore, attract the attention of many tourists. The rupturing of red in the signature style IIkal is all-inclusive to this weave.

The unique knitting procedure between the warp threads of the saree body and the pallu of the saree is entwined separately on various looms. In our collection, you can select from our beautiful and gorgeous borders of Chikki Paras, Gomi, and Gayathri.

These IIkal sarees are generally woven with silk which is mainly made with interlocking methods. All the colors used in these sarees are made up of natural sources. On Suvidha Fashion, you will get these sarees mostly in vibrant shades of blue, yellow, orange, red, green and dull gold. However, as there are numerous new patterns, you can see various colors being highlighted in the design. You can buy IIkal sarees online from our website at a reasonable price.

All you have to do is the color website and filter out all varieties of IIkal sarees for you. We update our collection every week, so it will be great for you to select a saree from our collection. On our website, Traditional IIkal sarees with prices are given."