Wear sequin sarees for your wedding parties to create magic!

sequin sarees

When the trend comes back with great success, everyone loves it! Like a twisted millennial designer, it gives a whole new essence to vintage style. 

Want to know which trends in the past are breaking through the internet today? 

Glitter in a classic silhouette! Yes, sequins saree. We must all have seen such a saree in our mother's closet and praised the real glitter. And what do you guess, this time about many dramas and awesomeness! Bollywood is also rattling about it. 

These sequence tide eye sheet heavy sequin sarees are perfect for millennial brides! Therefore, if you are looking for the slightest whistle in your wedding look, you can quickly wear it with your cocktail or Sanjeet.

The most striking element of sequin sarees is the tie-dye. So, if you need a dress for a wedding, you need to consider these sarees. In short, sequence work saree screams for freshness and modernity.

Saree is one of the most common outfits in your wardrobe. But, when the curtains are covered with sequins, traditional Indian costumes are not as typical as we say. Moreover, Saree's versatility and unrivaled elegance take it to the next level with shiny sequins to prepare for the party.

Everyone crushing over heavy sequin sarees designed by Manish Malhotra

One of the most exciting wedding fashion trends of the year is a lot of sparkle and brilliance. We are doing our best to keep up with the latest trends in bridal costumes. But, this time, we will deliver something special from the world of Manish Malhotra. 

Manish Malhotra is known for its gorgeous wedding fashion. Undoubtedly, bollywood divas are always seen in MM's glamorous cast outfits. From glitz and charm to the Luhani collection, Manish Malhotra is a true fashionista. So we looked into his collection and found some of Manish Malhotra's outfit most fascinating sequin sarees. Now, we admire the works of art that infuse these charms.

So, let's look at some of the party wear glitter saree that make you look beautiful and glamorous for your events. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the sequence saree designs in this blog.

Ready Pleated Saree

B town hotties have always taught us how to rock a sparkling sequin saree. The party lady's pleated saree design with sequins shines bright and tall like a diva, helping to capture all the eyes this year. You can choose your color and fabric combination for comfort and ease of use.

Ombre Sequin Saree

The purple shade stunning ombre sarees with beautiful design looks impressive. Also, this purple is a very cool color and adds so much glamorous to this piece of saree.

Magical Blue Glimmering Saree

This fantastic magical midnight blue sequins saree collection by Manish Malhotra is trending. Every woman out there loves the bold yet magnificent look of these sarees.

Half and Half Sarees

Double Shade or Dual embellished sequin work saree was always massive in the fashion scenario. Make sure you have one in white, off-through white, silver, golden, or other brain shade. Attractive Glam Saree of a team with weapons and blouses of weaves on abnormal bishop sleeves. We are convinced that you will look at this flattering Cutdana and the sequin embroidery Saree with Lycra Pallu.

Printed Organza Sarees

Printed designer sequence sarees will add personality and charm to your party look and saree. This saree is perfect for minimalists who want to quickly use glittering quotients and thick fabrics. In addition, there are floral highlights throughout, which are perfect for your evening or club party.

Satin Saree

Bling is what you expect from your wardrobe. Therefore, choosing this saree with silky satin and sequined frilled borders will be your statement number for formal and family events. You can leave this red frilled edge saree LBD and add flair to your party ensemble. Off-shoulder blouses and open-back choli can add drama to the already lush fall.

Georgette Sequin Sarees

If you want to dress up for a gala dinner or cocktail, this hot georgette sequin number will be the best option you can opt for. The luxurious charm and lovely frills of the red saree make the perfect outfit to meet the eye-catching trends of your whack.

Crepe Sequin Sarees

Everything that glitters doesn't have to be gold; it can also be the sequence of sarees. There is a sequin sarees in the limelight. You'll be amazed at this olive-green sequin number, perfect for wedding receptions and festivals. Believe us, and the green saree will attract everyone's attention.

Origin of Sequin Sarees

Sequin saree comes from countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries. Sequins were used initially in shoes, bags, and fabrics to give them a richer look. Then it evolved into a part of fabric decoration. The word sequins come from "Sikka," which means coin.

In the 13th century, the Venetian people made " Zekkinos " coins, and the French adopted the word "sequins" from these coins. It means a coin with a shape. Sequins are the shinning gems that decorate the fabric. Sequin saree is famous today because it is shiny and gives a glittering and rich look, and can be worn for special and ethnic occasions. Sequin work is usually done at the border or bottom of the sarees.

Features of Sequin Sarees online

Sequin saree has finite features. But when it comes to appearance, then it looks fantastic. Sequin saree comes in various designs and can be styled according to the situation.

  • The fabric design varies according to the color and fabric. 
  • Silk can be designed with heavy work such as beadwork, mirror work, and zari work; however, even simple sequins look great.
  • The sequin saree looks rich and elegant. However, it is one of the high-maintenance saree.

The fabric is used to make sequence work sarees.

The fabric complements the work of sequins, and it is essential to choose the fabric wisely. The fabric should be good, smooth, and durable to keep the sequins in place. Generally, silk and crepes are usually the most commonly selected fabrics for sequin saree. Both silk and crepe will have a glossy finish, and sequins will be even better if you choose the right color. Cotton and georgette may also be used.

Some of the new trending sequin sarees

Sequin Border Sarees

Sequin border saree is a common variation of party wear where only the border is decorated with sequins. It is a plain fabric designed with contrasting colors sequins. The purpose of the sequin border saree is to emphasize the fabric's color and give the saree a perfect finish edge.

It is usually made from synthetic and georgette materials. Moreover, sequins and georgette fabric give a stylish impression when worn. Therefore, the best opportunity to wear this sari is a night party.

Designer Sequin Sarees

Designer sequin sarees are a hip variation of fashion trends. For a rich finish, you can merge other works with sequin sarees, such as embroidery and zari work. The design corresponds to the fabric, most of which is floral.

Sequence sarees borders are designed so that they'll give the perfect finish. The fabric used is shiny crepe, chiffon, or georgette. Designer sequins sari is perfect for parties and memorable nights.

Glitter yourself by wearing party wear a glitter saree

Shiny sequins sarees add a sparkling touch to your complete appearance. These sarees give you a sparkling look and give you a lively look. You can wear light sequins saree for festivals, gatherings, and other casual occasions.

On the other hand, women love to wear heavy sequins or full sequins sari for special occasions and parties. A little sequin work will keep your saree alive in fashion runs for years to come. In both winter and summer seasons, you can wear sequin sarees.

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You can choose from various colors such as black, red, gold, green, and blue. In our collection, you can find different styles of sequence sarees, from traditional saree to contemporary saree. Glittering sequins sari is the focus of dazzling jewelery for a brighter look.

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