Holi festive outfits and style guidelines for Bride 2022

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Holi is one of the most colorful holidays of the year, bringing joy and happiness to everyone who participates. The festival is known as Rang Panchami, or "Festival of Colors!"

Because Holi is a holiday that infuses color into everyone's life, we've put together some wardrobe ideas and style advice for you. Holi is one of India's most celebrated festivities.

On the night of the full moon, Holi ushers in the low winter season. And since Holi is approaching, you'll need some creative style ideas. The sorts of clothes you may wear at Holi are numerous, including sarees, tops, and shirts; there is just no limit to experimenting with looks on this day.

Because the celebration necessitates a rainbow of hues, white is the color of choice. Men and women alike dress in white and apply various spring colors to their skin.

You can, however, deviate from the conventional by using bold hues for the occasion, such as pink, orange, and red. This post will provide you with Holi dress ideas as well as helpful hints and recommendations.

Wearing An Off-White Saree For Holi

The Saree is the most popular Indian garment to wear to a traditional event, regardless of age. It is suitable for ladies of all ages. The one usually worn is off-white, has every cause to be worn on Holiday.

It can be matched with a lovely and lively orange blouse with flower embellishments. Hence the off-white and orange color combination makes up for an ideal for this Spring event.

You may accessorize this classic ensemble with a neat hair bun and some fresh flowers. Because most people like pure white, an off-white saree might be a welcome contrast.

Apart from a saree, you might also want to experiment with a white salwar suit or simple chiffon saree.

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Women's White Holi Outfit

Adopting a white outfit for a Holi celebration is no longer unusual. It has become an everlasting Holi styling trend that will undoubtedly make you more trendy. For more experimentation, try out festive sarees

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You can go for a completely white chikankari salwar suit or a red and white combo salwar suit. A white salwar suit with a Leheriya or Bandhani odhani is also a good choice for a Holi party. A white Kurti can also be worn with leggings or jeggings.

Dress for Lohri

holi outfit

Because Holi and Lohri are just two months apart, why not wear your Lohri outfit again this year? During the winter season, the Punjabi Folk Festival is often held in January.

Because Lohri is a North Indian festival, many ladies dress in the traditional Punjabi style of a Short Kurta with a Shalwar. Punjabi culture is diverse, with a wide range of colors and embroidery.

This yellow dress, complete with an exquisitely embroidered Dupatta, appears to be an excellent choice for a Color Party. Holi is a Spring celebration that takes place in March and is all about spreading colors on each other.

Replace white with a bright Spring color like this one to dress for this cheerful event.

Women's Best Printed Holi Outfit

white salwar suit for holi

For a Holi celebration, a printed ethnic outfit is also a great option. A patterned white salwar suit can make you seem more sophisticated. A tie-and-dye dupatta or scarf in a contrasting hue can also be added. For a Holi event, a tank top and skirt are also appropriate.

Make a sloppy bun or a braided bun with your hairdo. Wear a little earring with a patterned white palazzo suit to complete your ensemble. Saving your hair with chemicals and colors is a smart idea. It would be easier to dance and enjoy yourself if you wear flat slippers or sandals.

Holi Festivities in a Casual Outfit

white salwar suit for holi festival

If you don't want to wear a conventional Holi outfit. Then choose. For a Holi party, a white blouse with denim elements is ideal. Simply pair a white shirt with denim for a laid-back appearance and bask in the glow of the festivities. Wear a bandana and a flip-flop to complete the outfit.

With a long neckpiece, don't forget to add a simple earring. You may also enhance your appearance by wearing a Bandhani dupatta. Simply tie it around your waist, and believe me when I say it will give you a rich look. You may also drape a scarf over your head to shield your hair from the chemical blended color.

Wearing a Tie-Dye Outfit

With this very elegant style, you'll be set for Spring. A basic white shirt and pants may be worn out with friends to keep it casual and comfortable. You may also add a bold and colorful tie-dye cardigan like this one for just the right amount of color. It appears to have been crafted especially for this occasion. The casual slippers and crossbody purses make a huge difference in this outfit. Be it a salwar suit or Printed Sarees, we are sure you’ll have heads turning.

 A Tie-Dye outfit may look good for the Holika Dahan too.

Extra tips to keep in mind


This year's Rangwali Holi outfits for men and women need a twist, and we can't deny that accessories like headgear, bandanas, and goggles are essential. These accessories are not only fashionable, but they also keep your eyes, skin, and hair protected from hazardous colors. Sunglasses can add a touch of glitz to any outfit.


Choosing the right footwear for your Holi outfit is crucial, but it may also be difficult. When it comes to footwear, the greatest option is flip-flops. You will be drenched. Colors will be splattered all over you. So choose the shoes that are the most comfortable to wear when wet and the simplest to clean.


You also need to make sure that your skin doesn't get too dry after playing with colors. You must moisturize and hydrate your skin after washing it thoroughly. Proper skincare post-Holi will make sure that your skin doesn't suffer the consequences of playing with colors.

Use natural colors

You should always play Holi and attend Holi events that use nothing but natural colors. Avoid playing Holi with synthetic colors as they can irritate and allergies to your skin, and if they get into your eyes why might even cause blindness. Play safe.