5 Gorgeous Sangeet Outfits for Groom

indo western sherwani

Men's dresses are not limited to safari suits, kurtas, beige and gold sherwanis. Present-day grooms have so many outfits options available in the stores. All credit goes to the progressive Indian Fashion designers working hard to bring fashionable men's outfits. Contemporary designs, unique shades, and edgy prints for the sangeet suits are taking the groom's fashion scene to engrave every time.

Other than the unconventional Indo-western sherwanis, achkans, and Angrakhas, experiment on different outfits like tuxedos & Bandhgalas. There are a variety of options at your disposal. For selecting the outfit for yourself, you first need to understand which style looks good on you on your sangeet, mehndi, and wedding dresses.

Whether you want to try out traditional on your wedding day or select something classy or contemporary depends on you.

While selecting the dresses, keep in mind that you choose the dresses for night occasion or day one. If you are looking for a nighttime occasion, try out dark-colored fabrics. Dark colors or shades worn on these occasions go well with the night theme. You can also opt for the floral embroidery suits for the wedding with the dark shades and add adornment to the attire with the charm. 

Moreover, the fabric used should be velvet, or it has a lot of glitter and shimmer, which will go perfectly with the night mood.

Sangeet attire is essential for their wedding Indo-western sherwani. A wedding is a big thing in every person's life. Every ritual of the wedding is unique, and for every occasion, a perfect dress is necessary. Floral Jodhpuri sangeet outfits are also trending for the groom's outfit. Hence we have listed some of the sangeet ceremonies for the groom.

Zardozi Bundi kurta

For the sangeet ceremony as a groom, you should wear a light outfit like a sangeet suit or an Indo-western Jodhpuri style suit. It will give you an astonishing look at the sangeet ceremony. However, typically, the sangeet ceremony is done at night, so for the nighttime, dark color hues outfits like Jodhpuri Kurta for sangeet, Floral Jodhpuri sangeet suits, or other kurtas.

Men's Embroidery Kurtas

Men's embroidery styles are an outstanding choice for the wedding or the festival. Lucknowi Chikan kurta is trending and is evergreen and goes well with every season. Threadwork on kurtas can look elegant and stylish. Men who don't like wearing Indian kurtas with heavy decorations want heavy outfits. These chikankari kurtas are the best options, or you can go for the Indo-western Jodhpuri style suits.

Floral print Men's kurtas

Floral print kurtas, Suits, or any outfits are trending, and you can use this print in kurtas. Kurtas having floral prints can be paired up with light color churidars like white, off-white, etc. Therefore, these kurtas are the perfect outfit for daytime functions. 

For the floral prints, you should make sure that you will select pastel hues for these kurtas. Select from the shades like peach, light blue, green mint, baby pink, and many more. If you think your Kurta is too simple for the sangeet ceremony, you should add a shimmery border to the kurtas.

Geometrical Prints Kurtas

Geometrical prints kurtas will give modern vibes. You can also use the variant hues when it comes to this individual print. One can either go for arbitrary geometric prints or line-up prints. Select from the color like olive green, midnight blue, pink, lemon yellow, etc. 

Yellow Kurta with designer

Light yellow color kurta you prefer to wear on sangeet ceremony. However, if you think a simple yellow kurta is too simple to make it more attractive for partywear or lavishing for the nighttime, then you should wear a designer jacket with it. In the bottom, where you can wear dhoti with it, churidar is too familiar.

Floral Jodhpuri outfit

Jodhpuri designs are very much liked by the grooms or men nowadays. These kurtas' designs are effortless, yet these kurtas look very elegant and classy on men. Groom is the center of attraction of the wedding; therefore, these floral Jodhpuri sangeet outfits can make you stand out from the crowd.

Men's Kurta without collar

Kurtas with collar everyone heard that or familiar with that, but men's Kurta without Kurta isn't something unique.? Kurta without collar design looks very simple to the eye, and its length till the waist is excellent. You can wear this Kurta for any party or on occasion, and as a groom, you can wear it on your little function like mehndi or sangeet ceremony.

The modern generation demands something less heavy for the sangeet night to dance well and enjoy the function. It will provide you with both comfort and a traditional look. It looks elementary, but it will give you a dashing look.

Kurta with Koti

Men's koti can modify any outfit into the traditional one. If you want to add on the uniqueness or make it extraordinary, you have to try out wearing your simple Kurta with koti. Go for the simple Kurta or embroidered one koti, select it as per the event.

In addition, the younger generation loves this trend and loves this Kurta with the koti or waistcoat for the wedding or sangeet ceremonies. You can also make the fusion of colors with the same family of colors. 

Moreover, it would be best to remember that Koti should easily mix up with your outfit, and it will not look like a different system.

Floral Yellow Kurta and Brown Jacket

Floral is is trending currently, but in yellow, you should try out the bright yellow color floral kurtas. Bright yellow color is something new and unique with that you can try out the brown color kurta. This bright yellow color kurta will give you a brighter color look for your sangeet night.

Harem pants with Kurta

Harem is very much trending among the young generation. You can twin harem with the Kurta for a relaxed and elegant look for the festive or wedding season. It is also something different trend of kurtas which wil make the groom stand out from the crowd. 

It is perfect for thigh-high kurtas; harem pants make the person look taller with fabric bundling at the ankles, giving you a stylish appearance.

Jodhpuri pants with kurtas

This Indo-western outlook with a pair of Jodhpuri pants and a kurta makes it look excellent with each other. You can pair up the sober-colored Jodhpuri pant with a kurta at the top in the dark color. Also, you can try out wearing contrast shades or a stylish outfit. You can also go for the patterns and colors that provide you with a phenomenal fusion even through the variance.

Indo-western Jodhpuri style is gaining so much popularity. Bollywood celebrities are also trying out this new collection for the men or groom out there.

Red color kurta for men's

The dark color goes perfect with the sangeet night and is a typical red kurta for men that you can see men's wearing a lot in the winter season. This red Kurta of men gives warmth and is the perfect outfit for the groom in the winter season. 

You can pair it with black, beige, or white trousers or chinos with this extraordinary red shade for a very sharp look. The red color is ultimate for date nights, weddings, sangeet ceremonies.

Here is the given list of the kurtas for the sangeet ceremony or wedding for the groom. However, you can try out Indo-western Sherwani, pathani suit for the groom, Jodhpuri kurta for sangeet, and many more sangeet suits for the groom.

For the grooms also you have a lot of options available in the market. Therefore you should do a lot of research on the internet. 

On Suvidha Fashion, you can get a variety of options for the sangeet suits for the groom. All you have to do is visit our website and do some good research on the outfit you want. Every week we update our collection, so it will be fantastic to match up with the trend.